The Don & Julie Show!!! – The Review

From The Philadelphia City Paper:

Can you both poke fun at something and be a surprisingly successful example of it? Apparently, yes.

Saturday Night’s Guests!!!

Friday Night’s Guests!!!

Thursday Night’s Guests!!!

The Most Important Fringe Show Ever!!!

Don & Julie Hosting The Philly Fringe Preview Tonight!!!

Don & Julie and Alex are pleased as punch to be hosting Play & Players Second Fringe Preview tonight at 8PM. Tickets are available online (at a discount) or at the door.

PHIT’s The Hoppers Hit The Road
Open Palm’s Media Addicts
John F. Lohac’s Release & Jubilee
Brain Sanders/JUNK’s Flushdance
Zombies Ain’t Shit’s Brain Fucked
To The Wall Production’s Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
Crescent Moon Entertainment’s Pushkin at Boldino

Plus our new game “Was It Don Or Julie?”

The Don & Julie Show !!! – Promo Video 1